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What is ArcGIS Business Analyst Server?


At 10.7, the capabilities of the Business Analyst Server role are now available in GeoEnrichment Server, a component of Business Analyst Enterprise.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Server is part of an enterprise solution that enables organizations to incorporate location into their decision-making process.

With ArcGIS Enterprise and supporting content and services, Business Analyst Server enables organizations to host Business Analyst-based capabilities and make them available through the ArcGIS platform. These capabilities include site analytics, smart mapping, custom reporting, and more.

Through this solution, users within these organizations can access and work with Esri's demographic, lifestyle, spending, and business data alongside their own data from supported applications including Business Analyst Desktop, the Business Analyst web app, and the Business Analyst mobile app.

Business Analyst Server comes with a number of Business Analyst-based geoprocessing tools that can be used in Python-based scripts or models, and published as reusable custom workflows. Additionally, the solution enables organizations to host the Esri GeoEnrichment service on-premises and behind their firewalls. This means that any user of an ArcGIS app or custom app that can leverage data enrichment, infographics, or Business Analyst-based reporting, will be able to access these resources, and their underlying content, through a connection to their organization's portal.