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Manage data store items

As the owner of a data store item or portal administrator, you can manage data store settings to help portal members discover and use the data store. This includes updating the overview information for the item, sharing the data store, changing the item's status, enabling delete protection on the item, and defining the spatial extent to which the data in the data store applies.

You can also change which federated servers have access to the data store or delete a data store item if you no longer need it.

If the data store item accesses a database, the password used to access the database will likely change periodically. When it does, you must update the password used by the data store item.

Add or remove from an ArcGIS Server site

After you create the data store item, you can allow more federated ArcGIS Server sites to access the data store. For example, if your portal administrator federates additional GIS Server and Image Server sites with the portal, you can add the data store to the new sites on the Settings tab of the data store item.

If you don't want a data store item to be available with one or more of the ArcGIS Server sites with which you registered it, you can remove it. For example, you may have registered the data store with four federated ArcGIS Server sites when you added the data store item, but you didn't realize one of the sites was not an ArcGIS GIS Server site. You can remove the data store from the erroneous site, which unregisters the database connection from this site.


You can only remove an ArcGIS Server site from the data store if there are no web layers running on the site that access the data store. If there are bulk-published services running on the site, you will receive an error message when you try to remove the site. For all other web layers, removing the ArcGIS Server site will break the connection between the service and the data.

Follow these steps to add an ArcGIS Server site to or remove a site from a data store item:

  1. Sign in to the portal and open the details page for the data store item.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Servers section and click Edit Servers.

    You may need to wait until the ArcGIS Server site statuses are verified before you can edit.

  4. Check or uncheck the box next to each federated server to change the site's access to the data store item.
  5. Click Save to apply the changes.

Delete a data store

In rare instances, you might decide you no longer want a particular data store item in your portal. For example, you might have registered a data store to publish layers for a short term project. Once the project is finished, you delete the layers and the data store item.

Deleting the data store item does not delete the data or the data source location. However, because dependencies exist between data store item and the services and layers you publish from it, you cannot delete a data store item until you have deleted all web layers published from the data store and removed all federated servers from the data store.

To delete the data store item, do the following:

  1. For database data stores, you must delete all bulk-published web layers that reference data in the data store item.
  2. Remove all federated servers from the data store.
  3. Delete the data store item from the portal.

Update a database password

In most organizations, passwords must be reset on a regular basis to maintain security. When the password changes for the account that the data store item uses to access the database, you must update the password in the portal. Updated passwords are sent to every federated server that you added to the data store item.

Follow these steps to update the password for a data store item:

  1. Open ArcGIS Pro or ArcCatalog and open the database connection properties of the database connection file (.sde) you used to create the data store item.
  2. Update the password in the database connection file and save the change.
  3. Sign in to the portal from a machine that has access to the .sde file you altered in the previous steps.
  4. Open the details page for the data store item and click the Settings tab.
  5. Scroll down to the Database section and click Update Password.
  6. Click Import a connection file with an updated password for the connection you need to update.
  7. Choose the .sde file you updated in steps 1 and 2 and click Validate to confirm the federated servers can access the data store.
  8. Click Save to apply the changes.